Real Estate Litigation & Transactions

Real estate disputes commonly arise out of investment partnerships between businessmen or between family members.  Issues in dispute may include ownership of the property, obligations to pay the mortgage, maintenance and taxes, entitlement to collect rent, entitlement to occupy the premises for personal use, and entitlement to sell. Our attorneys are experienced at reviewing the title history of a property, determining the validity of liens, and litigating a variety of title and use issues.  We have represented clients regarding claims of adverse possession, neighbor’s nuisance, and removal of mechanic’s liens, and worked with all lien holders to restructure title issues to our client’s advantage. We are also well versed in residential and commercial real estate sales.  We are available to draft a sales contract, conduct negotiations and due diligence, and represent buyers, sellers and lenders at closing.  If necessary, we will litigate returns of deposits and downpayments, and advise our clients regarding enforcement of rights pursuant to a real estate sales contract.

Our attorneys are additionally experienced representing condominium and cooperative housing boards and owners, and litigating disputes arising under the governing documents or proprietary lease.