Family Law & Estate Planning

When a marriage is beyond repair, contact The Hurwitz Law Firm to learn your rights regarding separation and financial support.  If both parties agree to divorce and settlement terms, an Uncontested divorce application can be filed with the court.  If divorce terms cannot be agreed upon between the parties, our attorneys can litigate on behalf of a wife or husband and seek fair and equitable distribution of assets.

Our attorneys are experienced in a variety of routine and complex divorce and family law matters, including annulments, lesbian and gay divorce, inter-state child custody disputes and adoption. We fight to enforce our clients’ rights regarding alimony and child support, and our attorneys are available to review prior alimony and child support awards to determine whether an application for Award Modification should be filed with the court.

We also provide estate planning advice, and are available to draft wills, establish trusts and administer estates.  We are available to represent family members seeking to obtain guardianship over an incapacitated loved one, as well as to protect the rights of the disabled more generally.

Our attorneys are also experienced in Surrogates Court and contested will litigation.

Contact us for a free consultation and learn about protecting yourself and your family for the future.