Corporate Law & Litigation

Thousands of new businesses are formed every year, and the complexities of business operations even on a local level can be daunting for any business owner and management team.  Running afoul of the law can result in hefty fines and lawsuits.  It is important to consult with an attorney from the onset so that necessary paperwork can be processed to avoid problems that may otherwise arise.  Our attorneys and staff are well versed in formation of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, and we offer free consultations regarding the benefits and disadvantages of the most popular business frameworks.

Once established, most businesses should have a written set of governing documents or operating agreements which clearly set forth the rights and obligations of the owners.  Businesses should also have clear contracts or written policies in effect with any companies or customers with which it interacts.  Additionally, businesses should have various insurance policies, and those policies should be reviewed by an attorney to confirm details of the coverage.  If a business is to be closed, it is important that business assets and future income, as well as liabilities and accounts payable, be properly documented along with the rights and obligations of the business owners.

The attorneys at The Hurwitz Law Firm are experienced and skilled at drafting all of the most common and specialized business documents.  We are also highly competent negotiators, capable of creating value for all parties and exceeding our clients’ expectations. 

If disputes or litigation do arise between a business and its owners, vendors, customers or insurance company, consult an attorney immediately to protect your rights, avoid damaging your case, and afford your business its greatest chance for the best result possible.  Our attorneys are detail oriented and aggressive litigators, and are known throughout the court system for our serious and professional approach.